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Us 1 - Mother Nature 0

Posted by arpithicus on June 12, 2009 at 2:06 AM

Day 2:

Mother Nature thought that by throwing a little precipitation at us today she could cause our amusement on this trip to end. Well Cedar Point Amusement Park may have gotten rained out but a little bit of rain was not going to stop us from continuing to have a great time on our crazy road trip. We decided to abandon our Theme Park aspirations and move onto to Chicago. At first we were unaware of the itinerary or even the exact destination for the day ahead us, but we jumped back onto Rt. 80 and headed west.

While driving we discussed what we all wanted to do with this somewhat lost day. We consulted Faith’s GPS system and it gave us a few ideas. The one we all decided on was Addler Planetarium. I called the venue to check for hours and I was informed that it was actually the oldest Planetarium in the United States and that there was no chance that we could make the 4 P.M. closing time. After another lost opportunity we turned to the GPS once again and searched through the database. During the search we noticed a fountain called Buckingham Fountain, which dredged up a memory of the opening sequence to Married With Children, which was supposed to take place in Illinois. After a little bit of research, we found out that this fountain and the one in Married With Children were one in the same. Due to the fact that all of us are T.V. junkies we decided that this would be our starting destination in Chicago.  This time only one state stood in our way, Indiana.



After nearly 5 hours of driving, we entered the city of Chicago. There was small bit of traffic but it was avoided with the help of the wonderful GPS system in Faith. Soon, we arrived in downtown Chicago and found our way to Grant Park, which by the way was a very large, almost Central Park like location. At first, we could not find the fountain but then from a distance we saw it, in all of it’s glory. And let me tell you, my 19 Inch Sharp did not do it Justice in the 90’s, this fountain is freaking huge. See for yourself.



While exploring Grant Park, where the fountain is located, we found some other pretty cool areas to look at. Not only did we get a pretty cool view of Lake Michigan, but we also found some awesome artwork in the middle of the park. There were 106 hollow metal torsos with legs all facing in random directions. There was no explanation for this artwork but as you can see it was amazing and strange all at the same time.



After rushing back to the car so it was not towed or booted due to our meter running out of time. (By the way we paid 25 cents for every 8 minutes of parking which wasted more quarters than one of those damn rigged crane machines at a crappy arcade.) We headed off to Dinner. Benni had been to Chicago before and had some truly amazing stuffed deep dish pizza at a place called Giordano’s and told us we had to have some of this delectable treat. While on our way, we passed through downtown Chicago and also back down 90’s sitcom folk lore. We passed the Chicago Tribune building that was filmed for the opening credits in Perfect Strangers.


We arrived at the restaurant and found out that there was an hour wait to be seated, but Benni informed us that we could order our pizza while we wait because it takes about 35 minutes to cook. While we waited for our famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, we decided to get a few drinks at the bar. I ordered a round and sat next to an individual that was from Indiana. We got to talking and since we were looking for a Live Band to check out I ventured to ask him if he knew any hot spots in the area. This mystery man from HickVille told me to check out Blue Chicago and hooked me up with the address as we sipped out local brew. From the loud speaker our names were called and after peering around the restaurant and seeing the amazing sight that was this pizza it was like a call from Jesus himself.


We ended up ordering a Medium, REMEMBER THE PHOTO YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE IS JUST A MEDIUM, with sausage, peppers, and fresh tomatoes. Trying to explain this Pizza with words would be like trying to describe the feeling of your first born being thrusted from the loins of the woman you love. In other words, it can’t be done. The best I can do is show you a picture and tell you that three slices filled me up to the brim.



To cap this magnificent Chicago adventure off, we took my bar friend’s suggestion and checked out Blue Chicago. At first, I was a little wary, there was a tiny little stage and about 10 people peppered throughout the bar. Mind you we entered at 8:45 P.M. and the band was set to perform at 9:00 P.M. Well were we in for a surprise, we got to witness the best blues I have every had the privilege to listen to in an authentic blues bar in freaking Chicago, Illinois. During the set we enjoyed some more Local Beer and absorbed as much of this experience as we could. Being that our hotel was about 30 minutes out of the city and we had a Cubs game to see in the early afternoon on Friday we left after the first set, reluctantly I might add.

I am now sitting in my Best Western Hotel Room in Naperville, ILL. writing this blog wondering if our cars name should be changed to Fate instead of Faith. Who knew a rain storm could cause so much authentic mid-west fun.

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Where's the Pizza Peg?