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Destination Wrigley Field

Posted by arpithicus on June 13, 2009 at 3:02 AM

Day 3 has come and gone and we are still alive so that is a bonus. I am glad to see so many of you are not only reading this blog but posting comments. We love reading them and hope there are many more to peruse through throughout our journey.


Today started out with a self guided tour on the CTA, which is the Chicago subway system. Apparently Wrigley Field has less parking than Yankees stadium, so we needed to find ourselves a park and ride and take the CTA to the game. We found a park and ride in Chicago at the Pulaski station about 20 miles from our hotel and started on our journey. When we arrived, parking was quite available and we noticed we were supposed to pay $4.00 to park but did not quite know where to pay. After parking we say a sign that said pay here. We all assumed that there was a nice fancy digital computerized pay machine that we could feed our money to. We soon realized we were not in the “friendly confines” of our east coast bubble anymore and we walked up to pay for our parking and we were confronted by what can only be described as a dilapidated metal board with small slots in it. We read the instructions on this abacus of pay machines, which informed us that we were to fold our dollar bills three times and slide them into the slot one at a time. It then told us to use our car key to clear the slot where we just forced our money through. After paying for parking we were off to the train to take us to Wrigley.



Luckily Benni is from the city and is mostly familiar with riding subways in New York, so with the help of my smart phone he was able to plot our course which got us to Wrigley Field without a hitch.


Once we arrived at the Wrigley Field stop on the train we could tell that this stadium is not just your ordinary ball park. It had a vibe to it that screamed mid-western as loud as George Wendt screamed DA BEARS.



Our first sight when we got off the train was the roof top seating that surrounded the entire ball park. These seats are not part of the stadium but the roof tops of the neighboring buildings that converted their roofs into bleacher seats to add additional seating to the small intimate ball park.



We entered the stadium and walked to our seats which were the last seats in the third to last section in the ballpark. (Section 505, Row 9) The seats were so small they made the seats at Shea feel like freaking Thrones, and there was a pole partially obstructing my view the home plate. But you know what none of this mattered, not even a little. I was sitting in Wrigley field and loving life watching a ball game with my girl. The game was great although the Cubs lost, but then again that is what the Cubs do isn’t it.


Wrigley Field itself was amazing. A true old school ball park, the Ivy covered walls with no advertisements any where in sight, just green leafy goodness. The scoreboard was hand done by a guy inside the scoreboard recording each hit, run, or error with a pick wooden numeral. Not to mention, the food we ate while watching this baseball game.  We had footlong hotdogs with Chilli, Cheese, Hot Peppers, Sour Kraut, Ketchup, Tomatoes, Onions, and Pickles with a side of Chilli Cheese Fries.  It was amazing.



It was like being transported back in time before the ridiculous contracts, the blatant commercialism, and the steroids damn near ruined the game that I love so very much. I will never forget Wrigley field, it was an experience that every baseball fan should have. I mean with the trend of baseball stadiums in the MLB you never know when this national landmark could disappear for ever.




When the game ended we hopped back on the CTA, and rode it back to the Park and Ride. We picked up Faith and began our 4 hour drive from Chicago to Iowa City, Iowa. Benni drove this stretch of the highway, so I got to take in some of the scenery. While driving we got to witness what I assume was a high speed chase and then a bail out into the corn fields, that closed the highway down for about 5 minutes which was exciting.


As we drove further through the bread basket of this country we thought to ourselves that the rest of this country is not too different then our little armpit back home. Kat, Benni, and I were discussing how New Jersey was so versatile that we have almost all types of landscapes and people that are throughout this country. We thought this before we crossed the Mississippi River. Our first experience in Iowa was us stopping on the side of the road to take a picture of the Welcome to Iowa sign, when a voice yelled at us in a drunken slur from the corn field next to the sign. Kat freaked out and Benni sped away from the mystery voice from the black darkness of the corn field.



After nearly being killed by the corn field serial killer known as Zeik, we went to the first rest stop to stretch a little. While in the rest area we were confronted by a man that I respectfully will refer to as Toothy Mcgee, due to his one tooth. At first, I thought he was going to ask for money or just mutter something unintelligible but Toothy was great and helped us use the new rest area information center. The jail house tattoos and very bad dental care aside Mr. Mcgee restored our faith in the people of Iowa and we were on our way to the Hotel Canterbury. Oh yea, by the way we are staying in a castle themed hotel. I will post some pictures of the hotel tomorrow. Good Night All.



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Reply Debbie
7:58 AM on June 13, 2009 
Hey guys! I've been enjoying reading about your trip and checking out all of the pictures! When Joe gets out of bed, I'll show him your pictures and blogs. I hope you have fun today! Just "BEWARE OF THE CORNFIELDS!" That sounds like the beginning of a Steven King novel! Are you sure that you guys aren't in Maine? Have fun!!!!!!
Reply Ginny
11:44 AM on June 13, 2009 
You ought to get out more...that is how the park and rides work in Bergen and Rockland. :-) Great day for a game!
Reply Colleen Uuereb
5:05 PM on June 13, 2009 
I love how you all name the characters you come into contact with (and your car). Too bad you didn't get a picture of Toothy!
Reply Jackie
7:50 PM on June 13, 2009 
Greetings from wet & soggy Jersey!! It has been raining since the day you guys left. (seriously) I'm actually reading about your trip while at work. Arp you seriously need to bring back one of those hotdogs. It looks like a meal in itself! Hope you guys are having fun. I'll be waiting for the next episode :P